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Winter Care

Winters are all about bathing in the sun, curling in blankets and drinking lots of hot coffee.Well ! There is another side to it !! Where for some , winters can be “the favorite” , but for some it is big havoc especially when the skin completely dries off and the scalp feels so icy.And this woe does not only stick to the head region but also to the feet as they develop cracks too that really hurts.

If good self care is taken in this season then you can really enjoy the winters and always wait for the next one to come.Let us see how !

Give your day a healthy start -

A cup of tea with goodness of warm health will keep you cozy throughout.All you need to do is, add cinnamon stick to the boiling water and pour in your tea cup, add a spoon of honey to it and sip sip !! and reap the following benefits-

● Keeps you energetic the whole day

● The sugar level and blood pressure remains stable

● Healthy heart

● Keeps you away from catching cold

● Boosts your immunity

The cinnamon has antimicrobial activity , and is also keep the cholesterol levels in control.Essentially the defense system of it protects us from diseases,bacterias, viruses and inflammations

Whereas honey is a treasure of vitamins and minerals that fights with infections thereby boosting the immunity system.It also acts as a detox which in turn gives healthy hair and skin .

  1. Goodness of face oils- During winters when you wash your face with hot water , or may due to excessive dryness the skin loses its essential oils.This makes the face dull and gloomy.To revive the moisture of skin you may use various oils like tea tree oil,grapeseed oil or even sweet almond oil.It’s always better to replace your night creams with these oils as they have great anti aging properties, along with skin tightening potential.

  2. Hot Oil massage for healthy hair- You would have noticed an icy thing falling off your head when you touch your hair, well !! that is the dried skin of your scalp especially during winters. A hot oil massage can help you getting rid of this along with giving a spark and bouncy touch to your hair.Just mix the oils ( like coconut,almond, castor and olive) and apply warm on scalp giving it a good relaxing massage.There is no other better solution , Your hair will thank you .

  3. Exercise everyday-Exercising in winters results in more burning of calories as body needs to generate more heat to keep itself warm.Moreover it helps in improving blood circulation as well as the immunity system.

  4. Thumb Rule for head/hand wash- Hot bath sounds to be a great idea during winters but it might cause a lot of harm to the skin.Head wash or hand wash must be done with cool water or lukewarm water only.Hot water skins off the moistureand essential oils making your skin dry.You might also end up in itchy and redness of skin

  5. Apply sunscreen before you step out in sun- Winters might be gray and cloudy but don't go by the thought that sun rays won't reach you.UV rays of the sun still can permeate through clouds can affect your skin.Hence you must always apply a sunscreen with SPF 30 or more with good moisturizing properties.You may also add glycerine to your winter care routine.Make sure to pick water resistant sunscreen !!

  6. Choose Right , stay fit- Eating lots of fresh green veggies, loaded with vitamins keeps you super immune , never miss on the seasonal ones especially.Also it is very necessary to stay hydrated , as it helps to keep away from dryness during winters.One must avoid processed and packaged food.Sugar too must be cut down .” Eat healthy , stay healthy"

  7. Dip your feet in warm water- Before going to bed, soaking feet in warm water is good therapy.It not only relaxes your whole body but also heals the cracked feet.After a good session of feet bath, pat them to dry and apply some moisture.Wear woolen socks and enjoy happy and soft skin on your feet.

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