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Why do heels crack?

Our body parts are an essence and must be treated as one.We concentrate on our face skin and hands, but feet are generally left out from the part of daily skin care routine.Our feet uphold us and keep us going, they must be equally and essentially taken care.When we devoid them from any such care, cracks are developed on the heels that can be really painful.In worst cases, bleeding is also noticed.

“You can’t let yourself stop from any of the heel cracks, if you know the underlying reasons behind this, your skincare regime will and must include feet as well” Hospital.Sharing information on the reason for cracked heels, the doctors says that our skin is a protective shield that keeps us away from various dirt and infections.But once there is any crack or skin break, protection too is lost.Extreme dryness on the feet heels along with pressure lead its skin to split apart and develop cracks.If these splits are not treated right in initial stages,they might develop into deeper cracks known as fissures.

Dehydration or lack of moisture is the biggest reason for developing cracks , when there is no sufficient moisture ,the skin around heels gets thick as a protection which does not allow any kind of desired healing of that area.Cracked heels can be itchy and painful also.Walking with cracked heels exert more pressure and even leads to bleeding.

Here below are more reasons for cracked heels-

● Dryness and cold weather

● Lack of moisture or dehydration

● Foot wears that leave the feet exposed

● Hot baths and showers

● Dipping feet for too long in hot water

● Scrubbing feet with harsh products

● Lack of vitamins and minerals such as iron and zinc

● Aging skin

● Lots of pressure on heels because of prolonged standing work

● Obesity puts more pressure on heels and it develops cracks if skin is not flexible enough

● Unhygienic feet are more prone to cracked heels (due to dirt or infections)

● Genetically too one can have thicker and rough skin on feet that leads to crack in heels.

● Diabetic people can develop cracks in heels because high sugar levels result in dryness of the skin.

● Athlete’s foot


● Feeling tight on skin of heels

● Developing yellowish or brownish hard skin on heels

● Development of white flakes on heels

● Walking can difficult along with heel pain

● Blood from the cracks.


● Good diet rich in zinc, calcium and iron

● Avoid open footwears

● Avoid walking barefoot on dirty surface

● Keep your feet moisturized.

● Avoid prolonged hot dips

● Avoid standing for too long (standing for long on wet surfaces too must be avoided)

● Check your sugar controls

● Always seek doctor’s help if it is painful or bleeding (from cracked heels)

“Take every step smooth and painless with right care of your feet”

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