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Post Cardiac Attack Care

It is totally normal to feel being shook after the heart attack, yet one can get back to the normal life with a great self care and doctor’s guidance. Adopting a new lifestyle post cardiac arrest can help one to live a healthy and productive life with along with cutting down the risks of the same in future. Here are the steps to be followed as a post cardiac attack care.

1. Rest Enough-

Cardiac arrest affects the heart muscles hence it is necessary to take a good amount of rest to heal .One must keep patience and give one self time to get back to normal routine.

2. Heart friendly diet-

There will be lots of changes in the diet which one must follow strictly for a healthy heart.

● Eat lots of fruits and vegetables

● Avoid oily and fried food

● Keep check on blood pressure and cholesterol levels

● Consume very less dairy products or sweets

● Incorporate fish and fresh poultry, avoid red meat

3. Blood Pressure-

A normal blood pressure is a key to healthy heart, once it increases , it lays stress on heart muscles thereby damaging them. Therefore it is very important to lower down the levels of blood pressure if it is high. This can be achieved by weight loss, low salt intake , medicines etc. This will not only reduce the amount of stress but also reduce the future risks.

4. Manage your stress-

It is ok to feel depressed, sad or panic after a cardiac attack, don’t ignore the emotions. At the same time try to manage the stress by doing the favorite tasks like listening to music, journaling etc.

5. No Smoking-

One must quit smoking immediately if still in habit, as people who smoke are likely to have more chances to die from heart failure.

6. Know your symptoms-

You must be aware of your symptoms or any other complications so as to have an understanding of when to see a doctor and how to take care of the situation.

7. Take medicines on time-

The medications prescribed will keep one away from future risks of heart attack, will reduce cholesterol and blood pressure. Taking medicines on time will help to recover soon.

8. Join rehab centers-

The cardiac rehab centers will help one to destress and adapt good habits along with a healthy lifestyle in order to have a healthy heart. The diet education is imparted in such centers by the expert doctors. The entire program gives a sense of control over the future.

9. Be open to your doctor-

One must be very comfortable and open with the doctor, it is always good to ask all kinds of related questions in heart, saying yes mam and yes sir without having a clear understanding wont do any good at all.

10. Mental Strength-

Believe in your recovery process and trust the healing process. A mental strength can help in recovering very soon and also save you from any traumas or fear of facing the same situation again.

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