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Myths and facts about arthritis

Arthritis is a condition in which joints are inflamed and results in pain along with stiffness. It can affect single or multiple joints where the affected parts experiences swelling. This condition has become a national widespread where most of the people suffer this pain.

Types of Arthritis vary on a great level and have more than 100 types of it. Most common types are Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Osteoarthritis is a condition that is caused due to wear and tear of protective layer cartilage. This cushion supports starts shredding that leads to degenerative joints. Rheumatoid Arthritis is an inflammatory condition where connective joints are attacked by an overactive immune system .

Most of us carry our own notions or thought process regarding arthritis, so today this article is all about debunking the myths and facts about Arthritis.

Myth # 1

Arthritis can’t be treated

Fact- With a proper medicine and regular follow up every form of inflammatory arthritis can be treated.

Myth # 2

Only old aged people gets affected by arthritis, not children

Fact- Undoubtedly arthritis is more profoundly found in old people but there are certain types that affects youngsters and children. Juvenile idiopathic arthritis is most commonly found in children. This can lead to permanent damage to tissues and joints if proper care is not taken at earliest.

Myth # 3

All joint pain is arthritis

Fact- Every joint pain must not be taken as arthritis, as there are many conditions that cause joint pains .It can be tendonitis, bursitis or any other soft tissue injury. One must definitely get an accurate check up done preferably by rheumatologist.

Myth # 4

Exercise worsen the condition

Fact -One must enroll oneself in correct exercise particularly meant for that condition.A doctor advice must be taken before one switches to certain excercise.It does not worsen the condition but will help in strengthening the tissue thereby reducing swelling and pain too.

It is always important to understand one's limitations or level required before getting into any kind of exercise.

Myth # 5

Heat is better than icing the joints

Fact- This does not stand true as both of them are equally effective. When performed in the right way, both of them can help in getting rid of swelling and stiffness of affected joints.

Heating of joints can be performed before getting into harder activity as this will remove the stiffness and help in smoother movement. Whereas icing can be done to soothe the swollen or inflamed joint after a strenuous activity.

Myth # 6Myth # 1

Arthritis can’t be treated

Fact- With a proper medicine and regular follow up every form of inflammatory arthritis can be treated.

Arthritis cannot be prevented

Fact- Though to prevent every case of arthritis might not be practically possible but certain risk factors can definitely be minimized . Obesity exerts lots of weight on joints that causes inflammation and pain, hence if idle weight is maintained one can prevent the condition of arthritis. Quitting smoking is also one of the steps towards its prevention. While playing and sport or any strenuous activity, joints must be protected with accessories meant for same. This prevents or reduces the condition of arthritis in later age.

Myth # 8

Walking is not good for knees

Fact- Walking not only improves muscle strength but also helps in weight loss.Recent studies show it as a proven fact that walking can regenerate cartilage of knees.

With an advancing technology and medications it is very important to have a correct knowledge on Facts and myths about arthritis. It will really help !

"Your every step can be painless, with a correct knowledge "

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