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11 Summer care tips from top physicians

Of course, Sun is a fantastic friend! It fills us with valuable vitamin D and strengthens our bones.

But during summer, when the blazing sun showers its rays on us, it may not only become unpleasant but even pose some health issues such as fever, rashes, skin problems, sunburns, etc.

You may enjoy a good day at the beach but may even fall sick if you are not careful enough. Hence comes the importance of proper summer care tips from top physicians, which will ensure your safety so you can enjoy your summer to the fullest with your loved ones.

But first, let us understand the damage that summer heat can cause to our bodies.

Common Summer Health Hazards

These health hazards always begin with heat exhaustion, but there are ways you can shield yourself like Captain America only when you know what problems you may face.

So the most common health problems are:-

  1. Heat stroke:- Long exposure to the raging sun, when accompanied by dehydration, can cause this health emergency. Symptoms may include dizziness, headache, and an elevated heart rate.

  2. Influenza or Hay Fever:- Changes in outside temperature may cause your body to react in the form of flu or allergies at the start of the summer season. Symptoms of this may include coughing, a runny nose, and a sore throat.

  3. Food Poisoning:- It is a frequent problem during the summer, as food gets easily contaminated and a humid environment creates the ideal setting for bacterial growth to increase.

Summer care precautions that are way better than cure:-

1. On your Mark…get, set… Hydrate! Ask dehydration to stay out of your door; the scorching heat during summer causes the human body to lose water rapidly and causes overheating and dehydration that can even become life-threatening at some point. So become "Water-Lover-Son Goku of Dragon Balls" if you have to, but gulp down at least 3 liters of water throughout the day.

2. Go green with your meals Aim for green veggies during hot days; the deterrent heat can cause severe bowel problems and even skin breakouts. So cook a nice comfort meal with seasonal fruits, herbs, and vegetables that replenish your body while soothing your palate. Fill your body with natural antioxidants that will regulate your body temperature and also detox your nervous system with vegetables such as cucumber, aloe vera, basil, etc.

3. Shake a Leg to an Active Schedule Start your day with a morning jog or a good walk; the more active your day starts, the more productive and healthy it gets. So make sure that your body and mind feel fresh and active during the day; start with some simple exercises such as squats, lunges, pushups, etc., and end with a good swimming competition with your friends.

4. Say Hi! To Comfy clothes Say "Hi" to lose shorts and "bye-bye" too tight denim, Summers can cause rashes in your skin, making it itchy and irritated. So the right attire is a must; make sure that you choose soft, comfortable, stretchy, and light-colored clothes that can reflect the heat and don’t irritate your skin.

5. Pamper your skin. Your skin during the hot days needs extra care and love, so take an oath to regularly deep cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize. During the summer, skin breakouts and bacteria buildup on dead skin cells increase, so it is recommended to remove dead skin cells and allow the skin to rejuvenate itself.

6. Reduce your skin's exposure to the sun. It is always recommended to apply a considerable amount of sunscreen while being both indoors and outdoors, but it is also equally important to reduce sun exposure to your skin. The sun's rays during summer afternoons are too powerful for human skin, and too much exposure can cause problems such as sunburns, pimples, and even skin cancer in some cases.

7. Get rid of diuretics. Leave diuretics out of your diet; during summer, the body needs maximum water, and consuming substances such as caffeine and alcohol can increase body temperature. This rise in temperature is accompanied by an increase in blood pressure, which can lead to dehydration; therefore, be a wise person and either stop or reduce the amount of these substances.

8. Love your eyes as you do Your eyes too need extra care when it comes to going out in the raging sun, don’t let the scorching sun rays can have a negative impact on your vision. Putting on sunglasses or goggles is very important to protect 99% of your vision from the effects of deterrent UV rays in direct sunlight.

9. Never skip your cool shower.

During the summer, it is best to start and end your day with a cool shower; the cooler your body, the less likely you are to get heat illness. A cold shower early in the morning not only revitalizes your brain but also improves blood flow in the body. A cool shower before bed will also help you feel relaxed and sleep better throughout the night, allowing you to wake up feeling refreshed the next day.

10. Beware of injuries. Open wounds during the summer are at high risk of getting infected, and the sun's heat may aggravate the pain of the injury, so it is wise to avoid injuries. Not just external injuries but also internal ones, such as those sustained in the gym, during swimming lessons, on the playground, and so on. So make sure to be safe if you don’t want to seek medical help while in pain.

11. Break up with street foods During the summer, everything is dusty and dry; hence, the street vendors offering mouth-watering delicacies may also offer dust and germs to taste. Control your taste buds and your health by avoiding street foods as much as possible.

Thus, the tips mentioned above are some of the most common summer care tips that physicians recommend; follow them carefully, and summer will no longer be a season of discomfort, but rather a season of freedom despite the stifling heat.

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